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Kings Langley Eyecare

Kings Langley Opticians 12 High Street Kings Langley WD4 8BH UK

Kings Langley



Opticians and Contact Lens Clinic

12 High Street, Kings Langley, WD4 8BH


The most frequently asked questions we receive about contacts are:

I've always wanted them, how can I find out if I'm suitable?

We can provide a suitability trial. Most people are suitable for one or more of the many lens types available. You need plenty of advice here! But don't worry. Whether you are short sighted, long sighted, astigmatic or even wear bifocals there are now contact lenses for all prescriptions.

OK I'm interested...which are the best contact lenses for me?

Most clients opt for soft lenses which can be durable or disposable. Disposable regimes are the most hygenic and offer regular, planned replacement on a daily, fortnightly or monthly basis. There are plenty of options too for occasional wear for sports or social use. Following consultation our contact lens optician will advise you on the most appropriate lens type for your eyes,eyesight and lifestyle. After asessment and tuition, most clients are supplied with a prescription pair of lenses for a two week trial.

Does everyone wear soft lenses these days?

As we specialise in contact lens work, we fit all types including Gas Permeable hard, 30 day continuous wear, bifocal and coloured lenses. Coloured, tinted and 'crazy' designs (as used in films/TV) can even be fitted.

I would like to try contacts, what shall I do now?

To have a suitability trial with us you will need a prescription (eye-test) result of less than one year. If you do not have this we can provide a sight test for you. In many cases your employer may pay for this if you use a VDU regularly.

I'm still not sure about having something in my eyes

It is perfectly understandable to be a little worried at first , but since 1992 we have fitted hundreds of clients with lenses and they are very comfortable. In the consulting room following your test (or on production of a valid prescription) the contact lens optician will carefully examine and measure your eyes. Only then with reference to your prescription can lens selection begin. Most people are so delighted at being able to see with their first trial fitting that any feelings of apprehension quickly subside. Ask any contact lens wearer!

I already have contact lenses, what can you do for me?

As contact lens specialists, we feel our service is knowledgeable, thorough and professional. You may be pleasantly surprised at our prices and we can even offer a price match guarantee*for those who join our aftercare scheme known as 'Lensplan'.

*ask in store for details